The Airship, Courser's Wrath


The Courser’s Wrath was taken during a battle where an Emerald Claw ship failed to board a Lysander passenger ship, but succeeded in ramming and destroying it. However the passengers of that ship fought off the attackers and commandeered the Emerald Claw ship in order to escape that destruction.

The remaining crippled ship was brought to Sharn and refitted, the entire front quarter needing serious repair. The figurehead was replaced with the likeness of a mostly nude hunstwoman holding three bloodthirsty hounds on a tight leash ahead of her. They seem to pull the whole ship forward of the bow, and are the namesake of its new christening.

A ball turret and cannon was also added in as the keel and hull were rebuilt.

The rest of the ship remains intact, a fast and light air elemental craft of beautiful design. It was used by the Emerald Claw as a tool to prey off the enemies of their order. Now the new crew seeks to turn that knife back on the throat of its old master and they hunt the Emerald Claw in whatever skies and seas they can find them.


Ship Statistics

Airworthiness: +5

Shiphandling: +2

Speed Fly: 20 mph, 30 mph max

Space: 30 ft. by  100 ft.; Height 30 ft.

Watch (minimum crew to fly): 8

Complement (max number of people on ship): 100, 60 comfortably

Cargo: 20 tons

Cost: 80,000g (repairs totaled 10,000g)

Extras: 3 six-man skiffs +2mph relative to ship, secret cargo room of holding, ball turret with cannon (2000g), over 10 rounds of cannon ammo stored in gunnery quarters (1500g)

Legal Deed: Named under an alias of the Captain, Jas Briars. In actuality it is owned by 6 mercenary agents of the Dark Lantern, 4 of which have a larger share due to repair cost payment.

The Crew

Captain – Jaskir Pay: 9 shares

Duties include general command and direct command of the helmsmen and navigation

Quartermaster and First Mate – Cadeus Pay: 9 shares due to full partnership, normally 3 shares

Duties include back-up general command and direct command, carpenters, craftsmen, mechanics, and loaders. Also responsible for cataloging, stowing of cargo, distributing shares of the spoils.

Boatswain (Bos’n) and Second Mate – Haggar Pay: 9 shares due to full partnership, normally 3 shares

Duties include back-up general command and direct command over fighters. Also responsible for dealing out disciplinary measures directed by command (see the Articles), as this task usually falls to a respected even-handed officer of any ship.

Master of the Watch and Third Mate – Debi Pay: 9 shares due to full partnership, normally 3 shares

Duties include back-up general command and direct command over the night crew. Responsible for ship security in general and watch duties. Responsible for guard of any important passengers or prize on board.

Other Crew Pay: 67 shares total

3 Formen, lesser officers, a goblin, a human, and a warforged (1 per shift) – pay 2shares

2 Lysander Pilots, human (looking for one more dragonmarked pilot for a full 24 hour rotation) – pay 2 shares

6 navigation/spotting crew, 4 human, a halfling, and a half elf (2 per shift) – pay 1 share

18 other crew, many human but mixed races (6 per shift) – pay 1 share

3 goblin gunners (on call all shifts, need 2 min to operate cannon) – pay 2 shares

6 lizardfolk longbowmen (2 per shift) – pay 2 shares

3 dwarven riflemen (1 per shift) – pay 2 shares

9 skirmisher marines, many human but mixed races (3 per shift) – pay 1 share

1 cabin boy, human age 12, Mica the Wolf – Pay zilch

(fighting crew can be doubled or even tripled if needed, and recruitment time is available. However such a high compliment becomes less and less sustainable over long periods due to living conditions)

The Ship’s Articles, penned by the Captain

I. Primary expeditions of the company shall be aimed upon the Order of the Emerald Claw and its shipping trade. However targets of opportunity may be taken if deemed sufficiently void of risk to innocents. Equal partners shall have veto power over any expedition target directed by the Captain, but must otherwise execute all civil command.

II. The fund of all payments under the articles is the stock of what is gotten by the expedition, following the same law as other privateers, that is, No prey, no pay.

III. The Captain and any equal partners shall have nine full Shares; other senior officers are to have three full shares; the pilots, lesser officers, and skilled marines and crew shall have two shares; all other marines and crew shall have one share; the ship’s boy and other apprentices receive no shares of the prize as they are paid with training and food.

IV. If any man shall offer to run away, or keep any dire secret from the company, he shall be marooned with one bottle of water, and one length of rope sufficient for hanging.

V. If any man shall steal anything in the company, or game, over the value of 99 pieces of gold, he shall be marooned, hung, or shot.

VI. That man that shall strike another whilst these Articles are in force, shall receive Lhazaar’s Law (that is, 40 Stripes lacking one) on the bare back. Officers striking lower ranks out of discipline are within their duties and therefore exempt unless their actions are deemed excessive.

VII. That man that shall snap his arms, or smoke tobacco in the hold, without a cap to his pipe, or carry a candle lighted without a lanthorn, shall suffer the same punishment as in Article VI.

VIII. If at any time you meet with a prudent woman, that man that offers to meddle with her, without her consent, shall suffer the same punishment as in Article VI.

IX. If any man shall steal anything in the company, or game, over the value of 9 pieces of gold and to the value of 99, he shall suffer the same punishment as in Article VI.

X. That man shall not keep his arms clean, fit for an engagement, neglect his business, show excessive drunkenness, or show cowardice during time of engagement, shall be cut off from his share, and suffer such other punishment as the Captain and the company shall think fit.

XI. Any man losing a joint or limb, or suffering permanent harm shall receive 99 gold, and may freely abandon the company afterword without penalty.

Airship Hideouts

The Foxhole, Primary Hideout – Near Sharn, at the southern coastal edge of Dagger Wood, can be accessed by ship (usually the Seapixie). A well hidden but short path leads from the beach to a dense ring of trees with a natural clearing in the middle. In the center of this clearing is built a simple 40’ wooden docking tower (2000g), typically guarded by 2 men (or 40+ if docked). 2 oxen with a large cart are maintained for loading from beach to airdock. This is where the airship usually remains moored when not on missions.

Wardog Landing, Privateering Hideout – On a small remote island south of the Kraken Bay, half a day away from the middle of the east-west shipping. A small wooden guardhouse/warehouse has a ramp attached (1500g) to it that overhangs above a sheer sea cliff, used to dock the airship. Used for prolonged privateer runs. Typically unguarded unless being actively used. Then guarded by 4 men.

Stormsaber Watch, Lhazaar Hideout – Located on a medium sized island in the northwest Lhazaar Principalities. Near the northern coast of the island there is a mountain spire top that can’t be reached by land. Here is located a moderate stone safehouse connected to a walkway and ramp that overhangs a cliff (3000g). Well supplied and guarded at all times by 4 men of mountaineering training, even though it is rarely in use. It is a perfect launch point for the more ambitious and dangerous missions against the Emerald Claw and Castle Illmorrow trade. Jaskir has long term plans to make this island his domain when he has attained enough wealth to become a pirate lord, and drinks enough blood from the Emerald Claw to weaken them.

The Airship, Courser's Wrath

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