Character Creation

This section contains rules and decisions related to character creation in the campaign, using D&D 4E rules. Note: the campaign started using D&D 3.5, so notes on conversion are also given.

Starting Level

Main characters will start at level 9 (minimum experience required to reach that level). Pre-existing (3.5) main characters will start at level 10.

Supporting characters will start at level 7. Pre-existing (3.5) support characters will start at level 9.

Ability Generation

Ability scores shall be generated using the standard 22 point buy system.


Initial thoughts are to leave this to roleplaying. If you have some particularly affecting advantage or disadvantage you want to play (e.g., a peg leg or severe mental illness), let the DM know and a custom solution can be arranged.

Skills and Specializations

We will use the skills described in the 4E PHB. However, it is possible to “specialize” in a particular area of a skill. For example, a street character might want to specialize in “underworld” diplomacy. This character would be at an advantage (+3) when trying to negotiate with underworld characters, but would be at a disadvantage (-3) in all other diplomatic circumstances. There can be only one specialty per skill.

Specialization must be noted on your character sheet or background.

Also, D&D 4E does not provide rules for detailed knowledge and profession type skills. Your character may choose up to 2 “background” skills such as “candlemaking” or “piracy”. These are intended as “flavor” skills. You are automatically trained in your background skills. You cannot specialize—background skills are by their nature a specialty. You cannot take any background skills that would directly affect combat (e.g., “Slash Attacks” or something ridiculous like that).

Starting Wealth & Equipment


Character Creation

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