Jaskir the Scrap

A reckless pirate full of rough charm, daring, and whiskey.


4E Rogue, Brutal Scoundrel, 10th level. Feats and powers selected to flavor him a bit toward Fighter and Warlord.



Name: Jaskir the Scrap Being rather disconnected from his family, Jaskir doesn’t use his surname, Briars. He goes by the moniker earned first as a young stowaway on a pirate ship. The sailor criminals call him “the scrap”, a slight to his feral heritage and a comment on his young scrawny frame. But as he grew in muscle and boldness in later years it took on a second connotation as a fighter and troublemaker. He now wears both meanings as a badge of ironic pride behind his name. Race: Shifter (longstrider) Sex: Male Age: 24 Nationality: Lhazaar Principalities, Farlnen Isle, the Den Class: Rogue/Fighter Professions: Pirate, Sailor, Conman, Cutpurse, Robber, Smuggler Lifepath: Make a mark (Competitor?) Personality: Cavalier/Gallant/Competitor/Bon Vivant (parts of all of these). If I had to pick one it would be Cavalier but with an “honor among thieves” code replacing ideas of justice, and affinity with deviants rather than hatred. Objectives: Captain a fine ship (maybe the Dredge) with a stout crew and be a true force in the seas again. Revenge (see enemies), captain a ship again one day

Physical: Jaskir exudes a threatening, bestial physical air. He’s tall and slim but not remarkably so. He’s quick and strong excels in bursts of action. He moves easily but with a ready tension, seemingly about to spring like a steel trap. He’s healthy enough but suffers a little from his carousing lifestyle and tendency to drink, smoke, and eat a lot of low quality tavern fare or ship’s rations.

Appearance: Jaskir is generally a dirty, disheveled, criminal looking fellow. And somehow he still carries this in a dashing hero sort of manner. His features are attractive, especially fine for a shifter, and he has predatory draw about him. Women of many races often find him irresistible, especially within less respectable circles. He’s repulsive at a quick glance but strikingly handsome on a second look. His long black hair is usually drawn under an exotic cloth bandanna from some frontier port. It’s held together in long clusters with carved beads, rings, or bits of colored cloth. He tries to keep clean shaved, but his shifter blood resists and he has an eternal 5 o’clock shadow or short beard depending upon his vigilance.

Clothing: He cleans up very nicely on rare occasions, but he’s usually more of a collection of scruffy roguish features and exotic worn clothing from his wide travels. His garb appears to be primarily of a charcoal gray leather material. It’s worn but made well with subtle embossed designs and small metal bindings protecting corners and edges exposed to wear. His tunic is asymmetrical; the leather straps and padding cover his right arm and shoulder but leave the left lightly covered. He wears exquisite black gloves, and matching high buccaneer boots fold over well above his knees. Under his tunic is evidence of a fine shirt of delicate tiny white scales, pearlescent with blue or green. His gear is a hodge-podge collection, evidently taken from many ports. A thin curved saber rests on his hip, its pearl handle intricately carved with strange figures and designs. A spyglass and map cases are buckled on one side, while a fine pistol on the other. Pouches, ammunition, and odd trinkets are buckled or tied all over. He wears a cloak of dark blue embroidered silk that could have been once worn by a king but is now severely soiled, tattered, and frayed from salt, wind, and age.

Mental:Jaskir is neither naturally bright, nor educated in any formal way. This often leads him to make impulsive actions relying on his charm, or luck, or fighting readiness to save him if things go wrong. He also has a poor attention span and an inability to focus; he and gets irritated when forced to study, introspect, or wait. Because of this, he’s developed a strange combination of arrogance and humility. He’s always quick to admit when he’s wrong and even make apology, but it’s never stopped him from brashly doing something that seems right at the moment. “Better to ask forgiveness than permission”, is an adage he puts into liberal use. Still, Jaskir has a certain wit and even insight when it comes to people.

Personality: Jaskir is a charmer. He knows it and uses it shamelessly. But he genuinely likes people, even some of his enemies, and that may be one of the secrets to why people like him and forgive him so easily for his slights. He’s a notorious carouser and certain tastes of ladies are drawn to his criminal scoundrel ways, causing him no end of welcomed trouble. Rigid or traditional people mistrust him from the start but even they are often warmed to him eventually unless they are the hardest of heart. He thinks of himself as a heroic figure and conducts himself in that manner. He defends the weak, and generally won’t harm innocents if he can help it. He revels in danger and reckless adventure. He thinks of himself as a gallant hero, and a chivalrous champion. But this is a self deception of sorts. Because he also cheats to win, fights dirty, steals, plunders, and murders. He’s a dirty gutter drunk with a foul mouth. He consorts with the scum and dregs of humanity. He runs away when it’s impossible to win, and there’s a limit to his fantasy of self sacrifice. Somehow he reconciles these two opposing constructs and makes a mishmash of the two.

Spiritual: Jaskir believes in the gods like everyone else, he just doesn’t particularly care about them. Seeing the self-made slavery of Blood worship in the tribe he grew up with, religious dedication has always seemed a sour choice to him. Zealots and madmen can do what they will, he’s just not going to go along with them or even try to understand them. Occasionally he’ll make a pragmatic sacrifice or prayer to the Traveler or Kol Korran, but they are thin on any real feeling.



Jaskir grew up in the icy, dark woods at the foot of the Fingerbone Mountains on the northern isle of Farlnen. There a small dour tribe of 50 some shifters lived in a village named simply, the Den. They served some fell master who ruled the castle Illmarrow on the cliffs above them. The stern elders lead them in all worship of the Blood and its power. They hunted the woods and were charged to patrol it for strangers, and they did kill or capture spies, pirates, and other men who came unbidden. There was a small port and a road to Ilmarrow but this was guarded by the master’s servants. The shifters of the Den kept to themselves in their woods.

Jaskir never fit in. We was wild and happy by nature, and his father and the elders frowned upon the trouble his adventures caused. He lingered around the port spying upon ships and people, and talking to them. He stole, he harassed slavers bringing captives to Illmarrow. He even hunted the undead servants he found alone in the woods, though it was forbidden by the elders. He didn’t care about the Blood worship and thought his own people were grim and miserable self-made slaves.

He took many a hard beating from his father for his errant ways, and life in the village became less tolerable as he became independent from them. He didn’t care for anyone he knew other than two of his siblings, and he knew they were simply lost to the slavery of their home. So when he was a boy of 11 he just left it behind.

He took his stolen gold and bribed secret passage on a ship, and eventually made his way to the streets of Regalport. Here he fell in easily to the gutter life of stealing, begging, and working with the unsavory gangs. He had a way with people and liked them. He knew how to make himself useful and needed. This life was an amazing shift of freedom and happiness. He had an uncanny inclination to ignore the miserable parts of this life of poverty and see it through the boyhood lens of pure adventure.


At the age of 13 a misadventure turned him from a dock burglar to an accidental stowaway on a pirate ship, changing the course of his life for good. His little conman skills were tested to their limits, but instead of being thrown over the rail, he charmed and entertained the mob of murderous criminals. They let him live and he became part of the crew on the long voyage south. He made himself useful as best he could and made them laugh. By the time they came to port, it was decided the little rapscallion could stay on as a cabin boy. The ship was The Princess Danger, lead by Captain Sevrin Talley.

Over the next years he learned sailing and raiding and had his knack for subterfuge in port. He also grew into a little hellion and a scrappy fighter. By 16 he was accepted as a marine and went over the rails with the others when ships were boarded to cross blades. He started to make a name for himself in small circles of sailors for his incredible leaps to enemy ship decks into mobs of defenders. He served on a few other ships as a privateer or pirate marine, a year here or a moth there. By 19 he was seasoned pirate and fighter known in many ports, with many friends, contacts, and past employers. It was for this merit he found himself serving as First Mate on an ugly but fast little water elemental galleon called The Dredge.

Under Captain Davey Blood and his sea wolf Jaskir the Scrap, the crew of the Dredge carved up the coasts with abandon. They ransacked fat merchant ships, pillaged small ripe ports, and got away mostly unscathed but with a growing list of enemies. When Davey Blood fell to a mariner’s harpoon, Jaskir stepped in as Captain without a peep of discord from the crew; they trusted, feared, and loved him.

They pillaged northward taking ships from a secret shipping lane; one that supplied the largely unknown Illmarrow Castle. Jaskir new secrets about the trade going on there from his childhood spying. He’d learned more since, investigating details discretely in connecting ports over the years. These ships were covertly sponsored mainly by a wealthy religious order named the Emerald Claw. More wealth came through this lane than was needed to support a castle. Gems, scrolls, arcane goods, exotic beasts, slaves or prisoners, and the occasional political hostage, were hidden on these ships. All fetched riches beyond imagining for very little toll to the cargo hold. They be came rich after only a year of this work and Jaksir had hidden his large Captain’s share in many secret caches. Soon they would disperse and retire, and Jaskir would go become a merchant lord in Regalport or Newthorn or maybe even somewhere in the western cities.

This wealth came at a price. Emerald Claw agents searched after them in any port they overstayed, and he even heard rumor of some ghastly hooded undead fiend hunting him down personally. They were often chased off by new escort warships in that northern lane. When they did board a ship it was usually manned by skeleton fighters like the ones he’d seen as a child in those dark woods around the castle. It was hard earned blood money and it took the toll of dozens of crew from the Dredge, and eventually more.


It was in the jungle port of Newthrone where disaster, betrayal, and doom struck. A traitor from his crew cashed his comrades’ lives in for gems and gold. He’d worked out a deal at previous ports with Emerald Claw agents, and now lit the fuse to his treacherous plot. The traitor set up a false deal to delay the Dredge on land, using an old enemy company who’d never really forgiven a grudge. Meanwhile, Emerald Claw forces were marshaled, along with gang elements from another enemy merchant company. They struck them in the taverns and alleys and brothels, exacting murderous vengeance on the crewmen en masse in separate pockets around the town. It was well coordinated, well-timed, and merciless.

Jaskir fought his way out of the trap, killing the leader who had conned him with the false deal, but never finding the traitor from his own crew. Sneaking to the docks he spied the Dredge occupied by Emerald Claw soldiers and city guards. He was amazed by the expense and effort put forth to destroy his entire crew. Going to a safe house the crew officers had bought, he and set it afire so no others survivors would be gathered and consumed by the traitor’s trap. Then he vanished into the dark jungles going where he knew almost no one would be able to follow. Here he hid for a month before venturing out to Adderport. While in hiding he clashed with a tribe of the deep jungle lizardfolk and in the end slew the shaman chief who hunted him.

In Adderport he posed as a swamp trader, and cautiously gathered information. He dared not dig too deep and only heard clues. A handful of his crew were rumored to live and had fled to Sharn. The Emerald Claw had sailed off with the Dredge, probably to sell it off in Regalport or any number of places. He learned which of his enemy merchant families aided in the killing and marked them in his mind for revenge. In a story that brought a chill to his spine, he also guessed that the hooded servant of Illmarrow (as Jaskir suspects) was still hunting him for the secrets he supposedly knew.

He bought passage to Port Krez to check on a treasure cache, and found it ransacked and vacant. Right there he knew his fortune was lost and also who was the traitor. He had been secret and careful in the hiding of his hoard, and thought it probably took a scryer on his ship to have found this. He’d always suspected their Navigator, Alsil Mirrs, of scrying with his arcane talents. Now he knew for sure. He didn’t bother looking after his other caches; the traitor had a month’s lead on him and the treasure was certainly lost to him by now. Time would pass and things would settle, but revenge would be served down this one’s gullet some day, no matter how cold and rotten the meal.

For now he had to hide and lay low. He had enemies still wanting his head. Sharn was suitably large to lose himself in the masses. And he might just search out surviving crewmen there, if for no other reason than to have an ally in the same mess he was in.


When the story begins, Jaskir has been on the lamb in Sharn perhaps a year or more. He’s found 5 of his crew and employs them. He’s by now gained basic information indicating the hunt for him has cooled. All these groups may (he believes) have bigger fish to fry than to worry about some defeated pirate captain reduced to daily drunken carousing and petty crimes. He’d have an interest in revenge, but would pursue it passively for now, listening for rumors of Dredge gold or dealings of the Emerald Claw, or of the merchant families who aided in his downfall. He probably starts to let his identity be known to some around him, wanting word to get out to any survivors from his scattered crew. Not only that but lying low for a year has chaffed at his ego, and he’s lost patience with it. Jaskir the Scrap is alive and well; let his enemies hear this and decide if a renewed fight is worth the trouble.

Enemies – These are built-in character hooks for the GM to use or ignore to whatever extent is useful.

The Order of Emerald Claw – Jaskir and his crew stole fortunes upon fortunes of wealth from them. Now the stolen booty is probably largely returned to them, but the whole hunt and plot cost them much effort and expense. It also cost them many destroyed assets, fighters killed, and ships damaged or lost. They hated him and still may.

Illmarrow Castle – For the same reasons, the mysterious Lord of Illmarrow (unknown class type) hated the crew of the Dredge. Some deathly unnamed servant was sent about the seas hunting Jaskir personally. This reaper (unknown class type) never quite caught up with him though and seems to have forgotten him after his fall. From rumors, it seemed as if the Lord of Illmarrow feared Jaskir held some secrets that needed silencing. Maybe it was just the shipping lanes, but Jaskir could never quite fathom what else this could have meant.

Alsil Mirrs (sorcerer) – A man who served as Navigator on the Dredge, and brought all its enemies to bear on it in a carefully hatched plot. He’s doubtless a rich, happy man right now spending off the blood of his shipmates in the form of coin. There’s no one else in the world Jaskir would reacquaint himself with to have a nice deadly chat.

Merchant Companies: Are perhaps a dozen or so families or companies which might have some old hurt pride from his actions of piracy. For the most part the Dredger did not specifically target any one operation, and the damage and theft was just a result of their destructive trade. Most of these resentments have cooled, as they do in sensible businessmen. But three of these families did take the assaults to their little empires quite seriously, and may have more heated personal hatreds. These were also the three involved in the murder of Jaskir’s crew and his downfall, so the feeling is mutual. With some o these men there is the potential for a long running feud.

T’serc family – This is a lizardfolk clan dwelling in Newthrone, dealing primarily in exotic exports. It was their leader Zarsiss who conspired with the traitor Alsil to keep his crew delayed with a tantalizing false deal. Jaskir stayed as a guest at his manor and avoided taking the poison food served to him on the night of the killings. He killed a few guards and family of the house and doggedly hunted down and murdered Lord Zarsiss in his bedchamber before escaping the manor. Jaskir feels things are more or less even with the T’serc clan and would not search out new trouble with them.

Balewik company – The master of this gnome company, powerful Lord Pezzin (wizard/fighter) rules his network of trade houses from Trolanport, Zilargo. He had a number of his ships and ports raided by the Dredge and took a personal hatred to Jaskir. So when Emerald Claw agents approached his kinsman in Adderport, asking for men and help to slay the Dredger crew, they joined the plot knowing Pezzin would approve. With haste, they went forth lead by a brutal bald headed and tattooed gnome assassin named Tukri (rogue). It was he and his lizardfolk and human brutes that did the bulk of the quiet murders that night. Jaskir hates all of them and would kill any he could, but the Balewiks are a ruthless and huge force to bring down. Perhaps the catspaw Tukri would be enough to satisfy his revenge someday.

Sorrel company – This company is lead by Lord Darristen (human rogue) in Regalport who plays both sides of the fence. He has a legitimate merchant network spanning along the coasts of Lhazaar and even to the north and south a little along the continent. But Jaskir knows he’s dipped his hands into the piracy trade and has even fought his sea dogs for fat prey. He had a grudging respect for Darris’ audacity and ambition, even though he was a rival. But the day he bargained with the traitor Alsil Mirrs, he became a true enemy. Darris passed on communications with Alsil back to the Emerald Claw, and his captains used their influence in Newthrone to borrow muscle from the city guards. He was responsible for a lot of the more open “arrests” (murders) that fateful night. Jaskir will come for him someday when the time is right.


Blaker Daniers (greater contact) – Ship Captain serving the Sharn Port Authority, Fighter / Rogue, human. Jaskir knows a secret about Blaker from the old days. Blackheart Blaker was a competitor of his years back in the pirate trade. He’s now turned legit after finding honors in service of the Breland navy. Blaker knows Jaskir’s got a lot of enemies looking for him. What started out as a vague partnership in blackmail and counter-blackmail, has slowly evolved into a close friendship. They have helped each other so much, they’d never consider selling each other out, and it has become a fond old joke of theirs. Blaker trusts and uses Jaskir when he needs a job done outside official channels. In return, Blaker makes things much easier for Jaskir navigating the rules and regs of the port.

Rictus Raif (greater contact) – Gang leader of the Grimlings, Rogue, human. Just above the Cogs, Raif and his gang control a couple blocks they’ve made into their slummy fortress. Their success comes from the brutal and vicious reputation Raif has cultivated, and few try to push the man or his gang. Jaskir does not operate under the gang but there is an understood alliance between them and him, and he kicks up tribute to Raif to operate in his territory and take refuge in his strongholds when needed. In truth Raif is not such a mindlessly vicious man as he would have others believe, nor are most of his men. His face was smashed up badly in a fight long ago and part of his upper lip was cut off, giving him and eternal gap-mouthed sneer. But despite his grisly look, he’s generally pretty even in his decisions. He uses brutal violence only to those who push in on his realm; innocent blood only brings trouble. Raif has called on Jaskir to help secure his holdings from time to time, and they have built up a brother-like respect and mutual loyalty over the last year.

Heklik Peetson (lesser contact) – fence of many types of illicit trade, Professional / Rogue, goblin. Operating a shop front in the Cogs at the border of Grimling territory and 2 other gang areas, Heklik buys up all manner of stolen goods, and sells them off through his own contact channels. His business relies on a reputation amongst thieves for being discrete, and most know him as an “honorable” trader. Since he often deals in good far more expensive than are seen in the Cogs, he staffs a band of formidable bodyguards and killers to keep scavengers from breaking in. Jaskir’s done a lot of business with him and they have a smooth working relationship.

Jetak Urt (lesser contact) – Importer, Professional, lizardfolk Jetak owns the moorages surrounding Jaskir’s and allowed him to purchase his under a false name to keep nosy enemies and authorities away. Jetak is a refugee from Q’barra who became friends with Jaskir after he learned that the pirate slew his enemy Zarsiss T’serc. Jetak hires Jaskir for smuggling jobs every once in a while and is a good source of dock rumors. Jetak also works with a lot of lizardfolk in the city ostensibly on importer business for his shop. But Jaskir las learned there is some thin web of lizard folk working throughout Sharn, and Jetak is probably part of the ring. Jaskir’s deemed it unhealthy to pry any deeper for the time being.

Mica the Wolf (lesser contact) – Gang leader of the Pack , Rogue, Human, age 12 Jaskir took pity on Mica’s small gang of boys and girls and helped them absorb a lot of adjacent gangs to stop fighting. Whenever Mica requests it Jaskir shows up as a masked mysterious force, enforcing his will with a good scare, keeping Mica in charge. Jaskir also gives them food and money when things get tough. He’d never tell anyone of this embarrassing charity work. The Pack is now the largest gang of homeless nomad kids in Sharn, and though they cause trouble, they are a refuge to many who would otherwise perish. Jaskir occasionally asks the Mica to have his eyes and ears search out certain things, but he doesn’t put them at risk.

Lucan Stellos (shared contact) – Agent of the Citadel, Human Jaskir met Lucan through a meeting arranged by Blaker. Apparently Lucan had heard through certain channels (and Blaker swears he was no part of this) that the dreaded pirate Jaskir the Scrap was taking refuge in Sharn. Lucan partially blackmailed but mostly convinced Jaskir to work for him. Jaskir’s enemies would not learn of his his whereabouts, criminals could be left alone so long as they were more an asset than a detriment, he could keep his ship and property, why worry about false identities, and other such innuendo were stated. But not too heavy handedly. So Jaskir left it at a peaceable business arrangement for now since the noose was not drawn too tight. And Lucan seemed to push only just the right amount. So Jaskir does dangerous work for him with a small crew, getting paid well while he saves up the small fortune he needs to buy a respectable ship.

Crew of The Seapixi – Jaskir considers the 11 man crew of this small Keelboat the start of the larger crew he’ll need some day. Amongst them are 5 of his old crew how survived the murders. They sleep aboard the Seapixi, and there are always 8 of them aboard her in guard. These are no more loyal than a hired pirate crew. But for now they are well paid for an easy job, and probably smart enough not to bite the hand that feeds. Toospin (human male) – first mate and marine, former Dredge crewman Sheplin (human male) – quartermaster and marine, former Dredge crewman Nesnik (half elf male) – navigator and marine, former Dredge crewman Padrek (human male) – gunner and boatswain, former Dredge crewman Nikt (dwarf male) – carpenter, cooper and gunner, former Dredge crewman Adren (gnome male) – sail maker and marine Derlish (shifter male) – helmsman and marine Drace (human male) – cook and marine Fippit (goblin male) – assistant navigator and gunner Medrik (human male) – assistant quartermaster and marine Percian (shifter male) – assistant carpenter and marine

Special Equipment (29,015g)

Mantle of the Merprince (+2 Studded Leather) – 4315g Thought to be the armor of a prince of the merfolk. Though the specific origin is unknown, it was taken from a plundered Emerald Claw ship. It’s a fine suit of scale that looks like carved mother of pearl scales, each no larger than a man’s fingernail. It shimmers in a natural but beautiful way under light, shifting slightly from its white, to a blue or green at different angles.

Saber of the Merprince (+2 Scimitar) – 8250g Taken from the same chest on the plundered Emerald Claw ship, this long saber is amazingly slim. It appears to be a crafted match to the armor. Its handle is made of the same mother of pearl material, and the blade shines with a slight blue or green metameristic reflection.

Blackscale Skull Ward (+2 Buckler) – 4165g Taken from a lizardfolk shaman king in Q’barra after killing him. It’s a bronze bucker with an embossed skull on it’s surface. It’s smeared crudely with blood red paint made permanent from ritual.

The Crow’s Eye (Magic Spyglass totally made up by me) – 2000g Looted from a gnomish captain of a Balewik merchant company vessel. Functions as a normal spyglass (X2 magnification), but is able to magnify to X4 if any sea is within 300 feet of it (usable at sea in a crow’s nest). It can magnify to X8 when no land is in unaided sight.

Ghost Reaver’s Gloves (Gloves of Storing, DMG 3.0, pg 217) – 2200g each or 4400g Jaskir had these especially consigned after he arrived in Sharn. They are fine leather gloves embroidered with skulls and sabers and are left fingerless. Jaskir uses them to aid in his petty larceny, assuring he continues not to put in an honest day’s work. When prepared for a fight, he likes to store a loaded pistol in the left one for a nice surprise.

Darris Gun (+1 pistol) – 2250g Named for a rival he stole it from. It were taken from a ship of Darristen Sorrel’s merchant company, apparently a gift to him from one of his business partners. It is a beautify ornate weapon, carved of ashwood and set with gold fillagree and rubies.

Mermaid’s Heart (lesser made up version of Circlet of Persuasion, DMG 3.0 pg 213) – 2250g Taken from the plunder of a Balewik merchant ship, this gem stays with Jaskir at all times and serves as his good luck charm, and coveted trinket. The greedy love he feels for it must give him a certain glow. It gives a +1 competence bonus to the wearer’s charisma checks and charisma based skill checks.

Homes and Safe Houses (7742.9g)

The Seapixi (4520g) *- Basically an eight crew keelboat (3000g) moored at a purchased dock space (500g) with a few closed rooms (500g). It has a captain’s room, a hammock room for the crew of 8, a kitchen, and a hidden smuggling compartment. 40 ton cargo capacity, or 100 soldiers. Captain’s room: desk, table, bed, locked door (quality DC:30, 80g) Hammock Room: 8 hammocks and a common table. Kitchen: small larder and stove, barrels of rain/drinking water housed here. Smuggling Compartment: Next to the Kitchen and under the stars to the deck is a secret alcove that is accessible via a wooden secret door (search DC:35, 320g). It’s the size of a closet that could hold a ton of cargo or 2 people over a longer trip. 8 people could pack into it very uncomfortably for short periods. Servants: 11 pirate/sailors (mercenary) who share in guard/cook/labor duties and mostly get paid well to keep a boat tied at harbor. Daily pay 1.6 g, paid 50 days in advance through bank arrangement (110g)

Abandoned Brewery (1945.8g)* – Lies just at the edges of Grimling territory above the Cogs. They have an agreement with Jaskir to leave this place alone. It is an agreement honored for the most part. It’s a large but half wrecked place (equivalent to simple house in value but as large as a great house, poorly furnished and in bad location, 1000g). He’s had a secret compartment built into the floor amid the refuse, making it a well hidden cache. It has a large working floor with high ceilings and a few offices. Working Floor – unlocked and open to large wrecked sliding doors, only the poor neighborhood and the Grimlings agreement keep people out, and that is usually more than enough. There is row upon row of rotted barrels and broken distillery equipment, the detritus of the room would take hours to search thoroughly and nobody would find reason to. There is an area cleared in the middle for large bonfire parties when Jaskir feels like hosting, along with makeshift chairs and tables around the perimeter. Under a pile of refuse is a secret stone door leading to a cache in the floor. Brewery Cache – under the floor is a small compartment the size of 6 coffins laid side by side. Inside Jaskir hides the bulk of his wealth. A heavy locked chest (quality: DC 40, 150g) holds gold coins (650g), silver coins (140g), copper coins (15.8 g). Accounting Office – Jaskir had a lock installed (quality: DC 30, 80g) on the door so he could sleep with some peace of mind. The old ruined accounting office has a makeshift bed piled on one of the desks, and some newer pens and writing materials on one of the desks. Stables – The old stables used to house horses to take ale deliveries around the city. They are a mess of ruined carts and rotted leather saddles and tack. They now they serve mostly as a makeshift latrine. Foreman’s Office – This used to serve as an office for the shift leaders as well as a cool room for brewing ingredients. Now it serves as a guest’s crashing quarters. The piles of refuse are organized into a dozen or more beds.

Townhouse (1080g) – A simple home (1000g) in a lower-middle class district, near a lot of his favorite taverns. He spends probably 5/7 of his nights here, entertaining women when he can. It’s a small 2 room place but decorated nicely for hosting and comfort It’s in a row of packed 2-story houses and the hearth room is directly beneath the bedroom. Hearth Room – A large hearth is the main feature in the room, with 4 comfortable chairs arrayed around it, as well as a long table and chairs for eating. In the corner is a small larder and kitchen with a descent selection of ales and wines. Small open cage in the corner usually stocked with food Jaboo’s scavenged and stored. The front door is locked (quality: DC 30, 80g) Bedroom – a very nice feather bed with draperies to keep out winter’s chill and to add color and texture to the room. There’s a small table with wines racked nearby. Small 2 foot by four inch window always left open (2nd story) for Jaboo to enter/exit at will.

Regular Equipment (553.3g)

Usually left at the Townhouse unless he plans to travel or on a mission…

Waterskin (1g) Explorer’s outfit (10g) 5 Sunrods (10g) Ink, 2 pens, and 9 parchment (10g) Red demon masquerade mask beautifully carved/painted (20g) – covers face above the nose Pot of red skin paint (1g) Fine red cloak and hood with matching trousers and tunic (1g) Riding horse and stabling near townhouse for 50 days (75g + 5g)

Usually stored at the Seapixi unless he plans to travel or on a mission …

Backpack (2g) Bedroll (0.1g) Winter Blanket (0.5g) 10 days trail rations (5g) Merchant’s scale (2g) Official logbook, ink, and quill (22.1g) Unofficial logbook, hidden, notes organized cryptically (15g) Forged merchant marine guild and other identity papers, Captain Jas Thomson (20g) Various flags (10g) Sharn Merchant Marine Guild (usually displayed at sea), Breland navy, Lhazaar Principalities merchant marine, Q’Barra merchant marine, Q’barra Navy, Pirate flag

Usually Stored at the Brewery unless he plans to travel or on a mission…

Thieves Tools (30g) Climber’s Kit (80g) Silk Rope, 50 ft (10g) Grappling Hook (1g) Piton (.1g)

Usually kept on person…

All items listed under Special Equipment Soap (0.5g) Straight Razor (1g) Key ring with keys. (0g) Flint and Steel (1g) 20 bullets/powder (200g) Sea charts (10g) – redrawn by a scribe from Jaskir’s personal sketches and notes Leather waterproof scroll case (1g) – holds spyglass and sea charts Leather waterproof smoker’s kit (1g) Carved pipe (1g) small pouch (40 smokes) of common leaf (8s) packet (10 smokes) of high quality leaf (2g) packet (10 smokes) of “special’ leaf (2g) Whetstone (.01g) Flint and Steel (1g) Bottle of cheap spirits (whiskey equivalent) (2sp) Fine pewter tankard casted with sea battle and sea creature images (1g) small sack of gold coins (17g) small sack of silver and copper coins (2.9g)

Jaboo (50g) – trained street performer monkey pet. Tricks: perform (dance), perform (acrobatics), hide in backpack, run away, fetch, come

Jaskir the Scrap

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