Eberron - The Exigency of War

The Map

Lucan approached us with a task to find out about a map that had aroused many strong forces in the city. In the end, we found the most upper echelons of Cannith were in pursuit of this, along with other factions such as the Tyrant changeling syndicate, the Church of the Silver Flame, the Korranberg Library, the Emerald Claw, and perhaps other forces we were not aware of. People were murdered and erased offhand for this map and I still do not think we understand its full value. Lucan put the issue to us thusly:

There is been considerable chatter in the past few days about a map that has recently entered Sharn. Great secrecy has surrounded its arrival, and even Dark Lantern sources do not know where it is being kept physically.

Our sources do tell us that a gnomish merchant named Kath Kallan has a year-old contract to purchase the map from a local trader named Jasaar Arrasti. However, Kath is walking into a nightmare of intrigue, and we fear he has no idea of the forces in play. He arrives from Trolanport by ship this afternoon.

Dispite all the upheaval over the map, we do not yet know the reason for it. Obviously it is of great value to a number of players, but we need to know why. We suspect the map may be of political importance, but there are non-political players as well. We can’t risk any political involvement yet, for Breland may offend allies or even work at cross purposes. Yet we cannot remain in the dark.

There must be no connection therefore, but we want to know what is in the map, and obtain a copy if possible. My boss, V, would like you to shadow this merchant Kath, and find a way into his good graces. If my suspicions are correct, he will come under deadly attack within moments of stepping ashore. This may present opportunity. You must be patient. We must know what the map contains, even if you only glimpse it.

We began by examining the proposed sale of the map by a Korranberg gnome (Kath) to a powerful merchant, Jasar Arrasti. Samc sniffed out leads on persons involved and put together the basic understanding of the deal behind the scenes. Jaskir used his port connections to find Kath’s dock and then arranged to buy a scroll to magically cop the map if we ever found it. Cadeus lead the rest of us to scour the path to Jasar’s for a possible ambush for we wanted to protect the map from the large forces seeing to snatch it. We later found that Kath’s runner, Galiad had been sent ahead to make the deal earlier in the morning, but we acted on the little we knew at the time.

Samc sought to follow and persuade Kath and his body guard, Bezzem of the danger they were headed into, but they had little reason to trust us yet. Ahead, the rest of us blended into the crowd near an especially vulnerable street segment, while Jaskir played the drunk in a nearby alley to spy on a suspicious group of hidden armed men.

The armed ruffians burst into the street seeking to detain Kath, while Jaskir drew one of them away to the alley. The tension in the street situation rose, and we were reluctantly entangled in a combat. In the end we had killed a few, and captured two prisoners, and the rest had fled in fear and from Samc’s and my own assault on their minds. It was because of Samc’s detective eyes a changeling was discovered in disguise and hiding in the summoned mists with a new identity. We detained the creature for questioning. We found the Changeling was named Garrow, and we suspect he worked in the service of the Emerald Claw, though we do not know why they seek the map.

We lead our captives and Kath to one of Jaskir’s dens, a ruined brewery in a cutthroat part of the city, and here we made our base of operations for this mission. We interrogated the prisoners and did some more investigation to expand the circle of our understanding. Tyrants and possibly Emerald Claw were involved, and shockingly some of the highest tiers of house Cannith.

We followed a lead asking around at the Singing Siren Inn about Galiad, only to find he likely disappeared with a whore before meeting with Jasar. The subsequent meeting with the merchant suggested otherwise, that the meeting had occurred and the sale made. We suspected changelings and foul play. So we followed the trail to one of the whore’s friends, who pointed us at a nobleman’s house who had probably hired the poor pawn to use and dispose of her, after she had lured Galiad away.

This house we surveilled, finding it under rotating Emerald Claw guard. Perhaps hoping for some vengeance (for he has some vendetta with the Emerald Claw), Jaskir offered to watch for the night. But he got into trouble making a rash attempt at murder and had to flee.

Knowing that something was under guard there, and getting directive from Lucan to act quickly, we plotted an assault on the house for the next night. The increased outer guard was taken out by the time the house was alerted, and Samc was able to force entry with a charmed bell. Inside was a fierce battle against plant monster in the gardens, a druid, wizard, and several thugs of the Emerald Claw from the house. The forces unleashed during the fight set the home on fire so we rushed up stairs to a gallery while Jaskir ransacked the burning rooms below, and Samc looked for clues. Cadeus was able to bypass some of the traps and we rescued the map, Kath’s vanilla bean contract and some other artifacts. We fled as the watch arrived, leaving a burning ruin in our wake.

Essentially having finished our mission, we met with and debriefed Lucan the next day. Plans were made to guard Kath’s ship covertly back to Korranberg, by following it on the Seapixi at extreme range. Debi and Samc went on ahead via soarwood ship, to prepare logistics and gather information.

During the month in the city, Samc gathered almost every possible scrap of information on the map from the professor who had arranged for its procurement. It was a map to an entombed high sorcerer of the Iron Circle of the Jezzulian. This ancient religion was intent on raising the Rajahs (fell demon lords) from the depths of the earth. In the end, the Church of the Silver Flame exterminated most of its members and bound them deep in the earth. Over time, even the maps to these slumbering demon lords’ tombs were lost. Having learned all we could, we left for Sharn and shared our findings with Lucan.



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