Eberron - The Exigency of War

The Companions

I have started this separate journal to dictate notes on my business with the Dark Lanterns, and the five colleagues aiding these clandestine efforts. It is a sheer folly to scribble down these thoughts. For if discovered, each stroke of this pen would be an invitation to assassins from every dark corner of this city. So perhaps I light the fuse here to my own end, but it entertains me to pen these secrets. And besides, what does a crippled ruin of a nobleman have to lose?

We began work almost two years ago, doing work for our enigmatic patron Lucan. The work was dangerous and lucrative but spotty, and I do not think I will detail it here other than to give my first impressions of my fellow cat’s paws.

Hagar, a stout soldier and fellow countrymen of Karranath, is nearly my father’s age but battles back the siege of years. Tougher than any of us, the man simply refuses to fall in a fight. He’s one of our group I might someday call friend. One day I will have to explain my secrets to him and test the trust we’ve forged so far.

Samc, our group’s primary investigator, can ferret out any secret and he’s especially at home in Sharn from top to bottom. He’s a hard, bitter, yet complex and principled man with a powerful drive for his quarry. These traits have made him invaluable in navigating the nuanced layers of the city. More than anyone, I can relate to his outlook, for something in his life has struck him to the core, yet he wades on through the mire in spite of it. Yet I do not expect fast friendship to come from this understanding, for we are both too well armored and wary.

Cadeus, our lock-man and artificer seems to be on the run, involved in some intrigue with house Cannith. I suspect it is for that reason such a scholarly man was pressed into this type of work. Yet he has the aspect of a treasure hunter in him, so perhaps his employment is more voluntary than I suspect. We have much to learn from one another in scholarly pursuits and I have enjoyed his insights.

Debole, our Warforged watchman is never far from his friend Cadeus. Fearsome in battle wielding a giant blade, he’s fairly quiet and even-minded when not roused. He is a stabilizing force in our group.

Jaskir, the shifter criminal is the loose cannon of our group. Apparently he’s a pirate, now land-bound in Sharn, hiding from his countless enemies and gathering his resources after some fall. His brash methods have given us trouble, but they’ve also solved some problems. If not for his criminal trappings and low station, he would remind me of my younger self before I was ruined. Everything comes so easy to him and he simply leaps free of life’s heavy weights. I doubt I will ever befriend him, but I do grin when I think of his escapades.



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